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BlueStar Mother’s Day.

Posted by debraroby on May 8, 2005

I wrote a long ugly rant about Mother’s day, then kindly decided to trash it before I posted it.

Just wanted to remind you that the original intent of Mother’s Day was to honor those women who had lost a child in a war. (I believe it was the Spanish-American war, but I could be wrong). Merchants would give these women special gifts: a free flower, a free beverage at the soda counter, a complimentary dessert with their sunday meal. It was the community sympathizing with these women for their loss.

Although I detest what Mother’s Day has become (along with all the commerically artificial holidays), I do support this original intent of the day. If you know any women who are Blue Star Moms, spend some time today thanking them.


One Response to “BlueStar Mother’s Day.”

  1. JulieZS said

    I totally agree, although it is a good day to honor your own mother. Here is a link to Julia Ward Howe’s original mother’s day proclamation. Very radical and about as anti-war as any mother should be. http://www.bruderhof.com/articles/howe-mothers-day.htm

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