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The final Painted Piece

Posted by debraroby on May 3, 2005

Painted fabric “inspired” from a photo fragment of one of Melody’s Mexico photos:

You remember this piece. But you have to take my word that this inspired the piece above.

A close up one section. I really like this section, and will do more of this technique in the next few weeks. Posted by Hello


6 Responses to “The final Painted Piece”

  1. Sonji Hunt said

    This is the BEST piece so far. Is that appropriate to say? I’m so concerned about that sort of thing. I love the vibrant colors. Can’t wait to see what you will make!

  2. DebR said

    I love this one, Debra!! And I can see that it was inspired by the pixelated photo. After all “inspired by” is not the same thing as “identical to”. You took the idea/image and made it your own. Yay You!

  3. Liz said

    I love this piece! Thank you for posting all these – I’ve really enjoyed looking at all of them.

  4. Karoda said

    This is delicious…I painted a small square this morning just to try it out…after looking at this piece…mine needs so much more…

  5. Simply stupendous. I love it! Wish you were closer so you could come over for a “play day” and show me how…

  6. PaMdora said

    Beautiful piece, love the colors!

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