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Tuesday ToDo

Posted by debraroby on May 31, 2005

still no bag found by United.

1. Stop at City Hall for building permit. update. OK, I hate city hall. For a simple shade structure over part of my deck, they want me to provide detailed engineering drawings, a complete materials list, and show that a shade cover can withstand 80 MPH winds and a 4.0 earthquake. And pay them the privilege of $100 for ok’ing the project. think we will be doing this one illegally. fuck ’em.

2. Pick up glasses. done

3. Call on lost bag. Regularly. done.

4. Work on Eucalyptus leaves. 5 done. upteehundredand 11 to go.

5. Straighten up studio. I wish it was done.


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48 hours

Posted by debraroby on May 29, 2005

And no bag yet.

I’m taking getting this bag back into my own hands.

I’m doing the laundry without the dirty clothes in the bag. The minute the last load enters the rinse cycle, I’m confident the bag will hit our entryway.

UNITED. Are you listening??

An update. United hasn’t even located it yet. But it is on a “priority search” of all airline terminals.

Fortunately, it’s a green case… not the ubiquitutous black. So it’s a bit easier to look for. And Steve is learning his lesson. He put the recharger cord for his corporate computer in there, so no juicy for THAT computer.

Unfortunately, if it is lost… we bought it in Singapore.

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Ok. One more thing….

Posted by debraroby on May 27, 2005

Steve is home. His bag is not. United lost it somewhere… probably because he got to the airport 4.5 hours before his flight.

Anyway, he packed my digital in his bag (along with computer parts for his work computer). I tell him not to do this, but does he listen??

So no pictures until United gets their act in gear.

crosses fingers….

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OK, I’m chatty today…

Posted by debraroby on May 27, 2005

But I think I’m taking the next few days off for the holidays.

I had a little adventure yesterday… and I sent Steve an email about it. Now, for those who travel, I’ve got ask: do you WANT to hear about problems at home when you are on the road? Or would you rather wait and hear it about it when you’re home, but well after the fact?

Ok, let me give you the details.

I walked the dogs around the neighborhood yesterday afternoon, came home, walked them up the right hand side of the car, through the garage and into the house. Then I gathered up all the indoor trash, carried it out to the cans, and started taking them out to the curb for collection today.

There, between my car’s left back tire and the front shrub bed was a juvenile rattle snake. It wasn’t moving much; infact I rolled the trash can over it and it still didn’t move. At that point, I figured it was a good gopher snake. But I looked closely and it definately was a rattler.

I called the fire department, and the whole bunch came out (big fire truck, little pick up truck, and fire chief). The chief thought he would be lecturing me on how to tell the difference between the gopher snake he thought I had and a rattler. Then he confirmed my identified. And 2 other firemen killed it with shovel. And threw it into my garbage can.

Now I wrote Steve when everything was done. I was unharmed, the dogs were safe. All the have as way of memory are some blood stains on the driveway. He answered back asking me a bunch of detailed questioned…

So if your hubby or kid had had my experience… would you have wanted to know?

BTW, I think my neighbor’s young adult son stole the snake out of my garbage. Why??? Who knows.

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Nobody Likes Me…

Posted by debraroby on May 27, 2005

Seven comments in seven days?? Just Seven.

Are you reading and leaving without saying “hey”?? Or are you not reading?

Am I not scintillating? Are my pictures not bright and cheerful enough??

Is something broked??

Excuse me while I eat some worms….

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A tour of my yard…

Posted by debraroby on May 26, 2005

Since I still don’t have my camera back from Illinois (along with the spouse), I’m sharing these pictures of my yard.

This is my front yard. Except that it isn’t really. We live in a wedge shaped lot, and the only thing that faces the street is our driveway. This is next to the house. Takes about 10 minutes to mow. The flagstone surrounds our spa.

Problem with a wedge shaped lot? As you can see.. I’m always looking at some part of neighbor’s house except from straight back of my house.

This is my garden. It’s behind the spa. It drops about 15′ from the level of the lawn. I can look down on all the levels from the deck. The decking showing is part of the stairs heading below my deck.

This is the yard below the deck (and Jake). The dogs go out here, and I hang the laundry here. We do not water it, so although it’s filled with green weeds, in another couple weeks it will be brown and stubbly.

Our house faces south with no protection from the sun. Without some external shade it is 10-15 degrees hotter at the windows than the center of rooms in the summer. So I hang shade curtains outside for the summer. Ugly, but life’s more comfortable, and cool breezes do move through this.

The other end of the deck. The wind pushes everything to this end all summer, so I usually just keep it here. And spend most mornings put it back where it belongs. Next week 2 guys are going to build one of those covers over this side of the deck (trellis, portico, open roof, what are these called??). I can then decide to hang shades from the sides if I need more shade control. And we will hang our porch swing from the supports. I hope this works. Posted by Hello

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