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Plaza Photo Play and Inspiration

Posted by debraroby on April 12, 2005

This is a portion of an altered photo that Melody posted on her blog. I saved the image, then cropped it down to the part that interested me. Adjusted the colors to pixelate it a bit more. It’s almost an interesting image, but not quite there.

The same section as above, with more of the background kept in. Pixelated in a brighter coloration. I like what’s happening at the far right, at the bottom middle and at the far right. Wish I knew how to erase the trees and zip those parts together on the computer. As it is, I will probably play with this on paper.

The far right portion of the photo above. Played with a lot more. This as real potential. Posted by Hello


5 Responses to “Plaza Photo Play and Inspiration”

  1. gabrielle said

    Deb, The long vertical is so abstract…you simply must translate this into fabric…

  2. This is way too cool! What program are you using to alter these photos? If I were you I’d definitely make up the long narrow one in fabric.

  3. Scrapmaker said

    I like all the images, but I’ll add my vote for the long and narrow one. Jen

  4. Deborah said

    Very interesting. And I bet if you and Melody both made pieces inspired by this piece they would both be so different — and equally super fantastic, of course.

  5. DebR said

    I LOVE that last one! It would look wonderful in fabric.

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