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Think this dream is symbolic???

Posted by debraroby on April 6, 2005

Well, DUH!!

I had this dream a week or so ago. Right after I posted that I was in a depression.

The dream begins at the start of a Monday work week. I’m new on my position.

And I’m working in the MI-5 offices that were shown on the TV shown. (we won’t go into how I get there… this is a dream).

Typical new employee… I don’t know where I’m going.

I try to pass through a security check point… put down my case, and step through a set up. Something happens, and a search needs to be done. Completed, I start down the hall to realize I left this case behind… go back, search and find it and go through the process again.

At this point, I’m separated from the person trying to show me the way. I’m alone in a huge crowd (think airport at 7 am on a weekday) all pushing me along in their direction. And I don’t know where to go.

I try to work myself free by heading down a stair. WRONG WAY. The stairs only go up.

After a while, I am standing over a grate with fire below… trapped. I can’t go forward or backward. And it’s getting hot. I finally pull my legs up over a barrier and scream for help.

I woke up before I saw if anyone came to help.

Obviously, I’m feeling lost and isolated. And from my interpretation of this, what I need is a face to face group to belong to. As soon as I woke up, I filled out that SAQA form that’s been sitting on my desk.

But I dont’ think that will be enough.

So, for those of you who have done it… how do you find a group of artists, quilters, SUPPORTIVE people? I’ve belonged to guilds without connecting; so just saying join a guild isn’t going to do it.


4 Responses to “Think this dream is symbolic???”

  1. Sonji Hunt said

    I felt similarly, Debra. I had some on line pals, but there’s nothing like face time. Deborah relayed a post that Melody Johnson made about something. I remember that I just read the post and not the whole blog (foolish of me) and went about my business. A few months later, for whatever reason, I clicked on Fibermania and saw that Melody was going to be in my state. I emailed her, which is not something I would normally do…email a total stranger. Of course, I babbled and then she babbled right back and invited me to the PAQA meeting and everything’s been super fantastic ever since.

    You may not be able to find the face time you need near you. You may have to travel a bit and make that extra effort to get what you want. Did your Mother ever tell you that you have to make your own opportunities? My Mom used to say that the mailman wasn’t going to deliver a career to my door. This applied to whatever I was moaning about not having. Sometimes you have to venture WAY outside your comfort zone to get what you need.

    I’ve seen a lot of people posting their location and desire for a particular type of arts/fiber/quilt group on the QA list. I bet there is someone within a reasonable distance that is thinking the same thing as you are, Debra. Good Luck. Get out there.

  2. Deborah said

    Sonji’s right. (As usual.) I think you have to be totally open to opportunities. Even where you least expect them. Good luck.

  3. PaMdora said

    I tried posting on someone’s blog my answer to a similar question but it flew off into the ozone. Maybe I should just write about it on my blog like Melody did, since other people seem to have similar questions. Give me a couple days and I’ll work on it, okay Debra?

  4. Diane said

    You asked: “How do you find a group of artists, quilters, SUPPORTIVE people? I’ve belonged to guilds without connecting; so just saying join a guild isn’t going to do it.”

    It’s not the joining of the guild in itself that’ll do it–it’s the exposing yourself to people who are in the same area of interest you are. A guild collects quilters, so you know that’s an existing group of people who like fabric, creativity, etc. Starting from that setting might give you a place to find a few like-minded individuals who share your taste or your work style or your sense of humor.

    Maybe you can think about what you like to do and what the elements are and go from there… For example, say you enjoy painting fabric? Try asking or even taking a course at a local art store and see if you can find people who like that, too. And maybe there’ll be a “click” with someone.

    Also, do you frequent a particular fabric store? Have you gotten friendly with anyone there? They might be able to help connect you to someone who likes what you like.

    Finding creative friends to share inspiration and fun can seem daunting, when you’re sitting at home alone and don’t know where to start…But I think it starts with moving toward the activities you love, and that’s where you’ll find people who share that feeling.

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