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Still life with lilac

Posted by debraroby on April 2, 2005

Lilacs are difficult to grow here in No.Cal. We don’t have enough chill time to do them real justice. But I keep my plant for some mystery reason. It’s blooming now.. there are no leaves on the bush, and only about a dozen blooms. I cut off the prettiest to bring inside hoping that it would perfume the house. Alas, it does not smell. Not sweet, not ugly, not anything.

But it does make a nice composition in my magnet vase on the refrigerator, I think.
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3 Responses to “Still life with lilac”

  1. I have a lilac here in San Diego that does pretty well. Nothing like the giant lilac bushes I grew up with in Maine, but hey, it’s a lilac and it looks pretty and smells nice.

    Wish I could tell you where to get one, but it’s a slip from a neighbor. Just so you know there is such a thing…

  2. Gerrie said

    My daughter has a lilac tree in Portland and she has bouquets around the house, but I noticed that they do not have that wonderful aroma that I remember from my childhood in New York State.

  3. JulieZS said

    I have two lilac bushes. They were here when we moved in, so I don’t have any info about them. They’re really heavy with blooms this year. And smell very sweetly and strongly. They are just plain lavender/lilac color, not edged like yours. I’ve tried planting more, but none have taken. Try some ceanothus, the native Californian lilac, those are beautiful plants.

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