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Spam Amusement

Posted by debraroby on April 30, 2005

With so many going Friday illistrations and such… I thought you might enjoy this link. Quickly drawn cartoons inspired by actual spam subject lines!


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Posted by debraroby on April 29, 2005

Quinacrodine Violet, Setacolor blue mixed with a light gray base, and that chrome orange (sticking it’s presence in again!!) Half the piece painted with the violet, half with blue and narrow lines of orange over all. Rock salt sprinkled on top. Then left to dry

The piece sitting on my worktable

Half way dried. The violet had been closer to the window (and sun) so I sprayed more water on the piece, and turned it around.

A close up of how the paint moved in the water, sun and salt. I LOVE looking at how the colors run. Posted by Hello

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My Inner European…

Posted by debraroby on April 29, 2005

Your Inner European is Spanish!

Energetic and lively.

You bring the party with you!

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Painted Fabric #3

Posted by debraroby on April 28, 2005

Fabric #3. I planned on painting with Setacolor’s yellow and purple, but this bottle of Liquitex Chrome Orange kept INSISTING that it wanted to play, too.

It definately improved the piece. But boy, that little bottle is loud. The color adjustment on this just isn’t right. In person it reminds me of a sunrise.

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We may be buying a second house….

Posted by debraroby on April 27, 2005

I wish I could be excited about this. NO we are not moving. NO this isn’t a great vacation escape. It will be in Moline, Ill. (NOT the destination location of the jet set crowd…). sigh.

My MIL is 86 years old and still living in the house they bought when Steve was in college. She thought she could maintain it until she died. But it’s a typical Midwestern house built in 50s or 60s… the utilities are in the basement. Since my FIL died, she’s been upgrading the house, putting in new windows, upgrading the electrical, all those important things. But the house just doesn’t work well for a couple of octagenarians who have both had strokes.

She needs to move. And she’s finally accepted it.

Now my hubby is her only child, and sole heir. And she’s not sure that she can afford to sell her house and move into a condo. (Yes, I WANT her to move into a senior complex. but she doesn’t want to spend her time surrounded by “all those old people.” She’s rather be isolated and proud.)… Ok, I’m not going there.

So we’ve agreed that the new house will be in our name, and if necessary we will help with payments. I really need to speak to a tax man about the ramifications of this…

I may also be headed back there to help sell the old house. Imagine SELL THIS HOUSE with the hostess being that daughter-in-law. I can easily think of 10 pieces of furniture that HAVE TO GO before we even have the realtor over. Someone is not going to be happy in this process. Imagine two stubborn Kraut Broads butting heads. Oh, and when I go there, I will have to drive to airport to find wireless connection. (you will probably find me there eating breakfast and supper at the airport!).

I’m working myself into the calm… this too shall pass mode. There are 2 things I’m thankful for:

1. When my own parents died two years ago, I had siblings in the same town to handle everything.

2. I don’t also have children back here to worry about. We have a great boarder for the dogs… and Steve may have to be back here most of the time for work. But if I had children, what would I do?

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Painted Fabric #2

Posted by debraroby on April 27, 2005

Painted fabric #2. I painted this, set it outside, and laid tile underlayment over it (that’s what made the diamond shaped patterning). Unfortunately, a breeze apparently came up and moved things, causing the wrinkles. It’s still cool fabric.. and the oddity of the wrinkles can be interesting when cut up. Posted by Hello

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