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Avoiding the water cooler gang…

Posted by debraroby on March 31, 2005

Last night I finally read through How To Be Creative. I had saved the webpage so i could take my time and read it offline.

Although his take was different, the one piece of advice that really hit home was his line to avoid the water cooler gang. Although he meant something different, I realized that I use the internet way too much as an avoidance tool. A way to NOT WORK.

So, I’m taking a deep breathe and putting myself on a limit. This definately will mean that I don’t read blogs as much… though when I do read something I will try to respond to more.

Maybe make this more as a reward… work for 2 hours; read for 15 minutes.

I feel I’m getting so many messages from the universe telling me things I need to hear…

I need to tell you about the dream I had a couple nights ago. But that will be another day…


4 Responses to “Avoiding the water cooler gang…”

  1. I think reading blogs can be used as a way to avoid working, but I also think it can be of great inspiration. It all depends on how you use it and to what degree you take it seriously. I get a lot out of reading blogs, but even more out of seeing the pictures. I have to admit that some of the designs and photos I see may perhaps influence future work of mine. But isn’t that what it’s all about? Exploring the world for inspiration? And blogging makes it soooo convenient!

  2. Deborah said

    You are so right, Debra. Me too. I have found I do more internet stuff because I can drop in quickly while the kids are occupied. Unlike getting up into my studio and getting immersed in a project. I supposed that’s good and bad.

  3. Karoda said

    At one time my goal was to spend 10-15 hours a week actually quilting. I stuck to it for a couple of months and then the holidays hit and I’ve not been back on track. The key for me was to schedule in my computer time and activities online as well. For instance I have a serious Scrabble addition and my man gave me the online addition years ago. It worked when I scheduled in my Scrabble games weekly so that I would not get lost in the world of letters and tiles and end up burning dinner. :)

  4. Cathy said

    how true. it is way too easy to get lost in the on-line world and not have a real life.
    But it is a lot of fun and inspiration

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