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Posted by debraroby on March 16, 2005

I had an important thought this afternoon. For more than a week, I’ve felt a bit sleep deprived. Odd because I’ve been getting 6.5-7 hours of sleep most nights, no reason to feel like this. But it’s made me peevish and given me some problems speaking clearly. Then today I think I solved the problem: Naprosin.

My doctor suggested I take NSAIDS to try to relieve the inflammation and pain in my foot from the bone spur. I’ve been taking Naprosin because it’s only 3 pills a day max. i take 1 with breakfast and 2 at bedtime and I’m set.

Except that when I took rx. Ibouprofen a number of years ago, it made it “stupid”… I forgot how to spell Tuesday! In front of a class of High School Seniors!!

So I’m guessing that the naprosin is effecting me the same way the Ibuprofen did. And I’m gonna cut back on the dosage and try to get my mind back. Wish me luck.

I’m getting frustrated rearranging Vessels… eventually I’m going to have to call it done at the point and fuse it. But this afternoon, I took a little picture I’d clipped out of the paper, and kind of constructed it in fabric. Well, I got the major features fused down in fabric, then started putting in details with threads. NOW THIS IS FUN. I’m happier now.

On other news, Deb Lacativa posted a pix of shoes, too… Pretty turquoise ones that kind of match her quilts. Want to join in the fun? We will let you join our See Our Shoes club even if your name isn’t Debra/Deborah!!


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  1. Deborah said

    And since my name *is* Deborah, I suppose I am absolutely obligated to post a picture of my shoes! Hmmmm. Look for that on my blog soon. Deborah

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