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Posted by debraroby on March 6, 2005

I found a possible location to teach an altered/artist’s postcard class. I’ll be checking the place out in the next couple weeks, and working up a good class outline. If any of you have suggestions for this (or good links), please email me .

I will be taking an altered book class there at the end of March with my thai gobbling friends.. Ah, what shall we call ourselves?

Today in my bath I realized I need to slightly tweak my schedule. Normally, I get up and check my email, read the blogs (WRITE MORE OFTEN ALMOST ALL OF YOU!! YOu are my morning inspiration and entertainment), write my blog and get on with the day (errands, walk the dogs and work on my art). Late afternoon, while bouncing between Oprah and Ellen, i write in my art journal… sketches and notes for pieces, doodles for quilting designs, clips for color inspiration, etc.

I think I’m going to flip the blog and the journal work around. Do the doodling, etc. while watching the morning news/talk shows (have you seen Harry Smith’s new glasses?? HIDEOUS is all I have to say). and write my blog in the afternoons. This should allow me to show and tell what work I did that day… along with rambling on whatever I was thinking about.


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