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Avoiding the water cooler gang…

Posted by debraroby on March 31, 2005

Last night I finally read through How To Be Creative. I had saved the webpage so i could take my time and read it offline.

Although his take was different, the one piece of advice that really hit home was his line to avoid the water cooler gang. Although he meant something different, I realized that I use the internet way too much as an avoidance tool. A way to NOT WORK.

So, I’m taking a deep breathe and putting myself on a limit. This definately will mean that I don’t read blogs as much… though when I do read something I will try to respond to more.

Maybe make this more as a reward… work for 2 hours; read for 15 minutes.

I feel I’m getting so many messages from the universe telling me things I need to hear…

I need to tell you about the dream I had a couple nights ago. But that will be another day…


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What a good dish…

Posted by debraroby on March 30, 2005

I was busy all day, so I needed a relatively simple fast supper. Sounds like thai curry to me!!

First I put a cup of brown rice and 2 cups in water in the microwave. This is the time-limiting factor in dinner. Five minutes on high, then 35 minutes at 50% power and the rice is done.

While the rice is nuking, I slice half-frozen chicken boobs into pieces 1/4″ thick, 1/2″ wide and about 3″ long. While I’m slicing, a cup of low-fat coconut milk is coming to a boil in a frying pan.

When the milk has warmed through, and the oil rises to the surface, i put in a small amount of Thai Kitchen’s Green Curry paste. We are wooses when it comes to heat, so I only use 1.5 tsp. You can use up to 2 TBSs but I couldnt’ eat it.

The curry paste is dissolved in the milk, and the second cup is added to pan. When it comes up a boil, I reduce the heat and add the chicken. Cook gently for 3-5 minutes. Then add keffir lime leaves (or fresh grated lime rind and lime juice), 3 TBS. of fish sauce and 1 tbs of sugar.

When it’s all blended together, I add a package of S&W’s Ultimate Stir Fry Frozen Veggies, and 15 leaves of sweet basil. Simmer until the rice is done and serve with jasmine tea.

Healthy, fast and delish.


Now I wish I’d picked up a carton of coconut sorbet when i was at the store.

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It could be a GREAT SONG…

Posted by debraroby on March 30, 2005

This could be a great earworm (a song that gets embedded in your brain, and you can’t stop hearing it):

What I’ve been doing:

Quilt a little; cut a little…

Quilt a little; cut a little…

Quilt, quilt, quilt…

Quilt a lot, cut a very little…

OK, you don’t get the reference? I believe it’s from OKLAHOMA.

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The Blog of The Ring

Posted by debraroby on March 29, 2005

So how do you read the ArtfulQuilt Ring? It’s been brought up on several blogs (PamRuberts and Teri Springer’s to name two).

Do you try to read through the whole ring daily? Or, because of the size and time constraints, do you do so weekly?

Do you do it all at one time? or break it up?

Me, I try to read through the ring every day. With the large size, i break it up into 3 groups: the 20 who post almost every day I read every morning with my coffee. Twenty more while eating my lunch . The twenty least active blogs I check if I time after washing up the dinner dishes. Every once in a while they surprise me with something new.

I also try to comment on atleast 5 blogs a day… maybe more. Just so the writer does know that someone is reading. I LOVE reading other people’s comments. What can I say, I’m a social being living a kind of isolated life. Which is sad, as I’m actually completely surrounded by people. It’s like living in cocoons. But this is a topic for atleast one other post.

So I’ve got a couple things to say:

1. WRITE MORE OFTEN. This is a habit you have to work on. I’ve found that there are days when I’m really talkative. I might write 3-5 blogs. NO. I don’t post them all. I save a couple as drafts, then the days when I’m busy or flat or uninspired or just too whiney, I have something to post anyway. I got this idea from June Underwood, who’s Southeast Main has a different photo every day. Atleast I think it was June. I could be wrong. Anyway, write when you feel like it, and post on a regular basis.

2. TELL PEOPLE WHAT YOU THINK OF WHAT THEY WRITE. comments are good thing. They turn this from a monologue to a dialog.

3. SHARE WHAT YOU ARE DOING. I swear the unique thing about this ring will end up being the ability to see how different people move through a process. The different paths that can lead to the same place: a finished piece of art. I’ll admit it, I need to do more of this.

4. WHEN IN DOUBT, look for the humorous side of things. (note to self… this one is for ME.)

5. Ok. Make people happy and eager to read your blogs… ADD PICTURES. Maybe not every day (sorry Deborah), but atleast a couple times a week. I love that people will occasionally show their studio space while they are working. And our lives are all so unique that Life photos work too.

Ok, so I’m off to look through the photos I’ve taken recently. Finish reading my morning blogs. And make some art.

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Happy Half Birthday

Posted by debraroby on March 27, 2005

Several years ago, Steve mentioned that he would like to try and fly a box kite. In all his years, he’d never so. I promised him one for his birthday that year, but never found it.

Since then, I’ve been on a hunt for a simple box kite kit. Usually stopping in stores when we were on vacation. Most of the time, the stores have been out of them. Poo.

When we were in Mendocino last month, though, I found the kite. And I promised to give it to Steve for his birthday. But his birthday isn’t until September… way past this year’s prime kite flying season. What to do? What to do?

hmm… march is 6 months away from september. I COULD CELEBRATE HIS HALF-BIRTHDAY. Just a kid. afterall kids are the usual recipient of easy kite kits.

While tomorrow is the official half way point, we celebrated today with his traditional birthday dinner (with variations). Pork roast, roasted red skins, broccoli and (here’s the change up)… strawberry shortcake. Traditionally he wants cherry pie. Either is easier to make now instead of the high heat we have here in late September.

So we ate our birthday dinner, and he got his box kite. Ofcourse 2 hours earlier, a major rainstorm rolled in, so who knows when he’ll be flying it.

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The History of Rock and Rolll

Posted by debraroby on March 27, 2005

In honor of Easter candy… enjoy the History of Rock and Roll as acted out by Marshmallow Peeps. From the duck walk… through Sgt. Peeple’s Lonely Hearts Club Band to Prince’s Peeple Rain.

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