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Posted by debraroby on February 25, 2005

Am I working? I started writing this blog to encourage myself to work more.. to focus my efforts and have record of what I’m accomplishing.

When I finish work for a day, I want to document what was accomplished, and when possible put the photos up so I can see how a project changes as I work.

Looking back on the past month, I haven’t been working much. And I have the evidence at hand in these log.

Monday is the first day of a week… and close enough to the first day of March. Got to get myself back on track, and get some real work done.

Part of the problem, I think, is working to machine quilt these items for our quilt show. These are not pieces that I’m very emotionally invested in. I don’t really care much about them at the moment. And working on them feels like wasting time. So, rather than waste time working, I just waste time and avoid working. Guess what, deb, the work is still there. It’s not going away by ignoring it… and I know it!

So here’s my deal with myself. I can spend 2 hours working on something creative… moving forward on my work… for every one hour I spend finishing up these committed pieces. They may take a little longer to get done, but I won’t avoid any work at all.

Stay tuned to reports of exciting things.. and feel free to hold me to my word.


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  1. Mrs. Mel said

    Quilting is the most boring part of making a quilt, hands down. To relieve the boredom, try quilting designs that are a challenge, or thread that is new and exciting (?) or listen to a great book on tape/cd that engrosses the brain while the hands make the quilting.

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