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Posted by debraroby on February 9, 2005

I’ve finally finished our taxes. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy the job this year, but at one point I actually CHOSE to clean the first floor… polishing the wood furniture and rearranging the tchachkes. I figured if I had to move these things to dust under them… I would MOVE them. Only took me 4 hours of delaying to get back to the damn paperwork.

It’s done. Our obligation to the Union and the state is fulfilled, and we are “balancing our books” between ourselves. Next step… but I’ll wait a week or so to do it.. it to analyze our retirement investments and figure out how to get more saved. I figure we’ll need it.

So I’ve got fabric on the wall for Vessels… straight and narrow.. but nothing is working right. I’ve tried several ways of making the vessels.. they haven’t yet appealed to me. I’m going to decide if it’s the pieces that I don’t like or if this background just won’t work.

And I’ve got this fabric that I painted yesterday. Tonight while watching Law and Order, I’m going to fuse some Wonder Under to it and maybe beginning playing with it tomorrow while I muse on the problems with Vessels..


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