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Posted by debraroby on February 4, 2005

Confessions of a junkie…

We all have our weaknesses… those places, activities or things that we just can’t resist. For some it’s chocolate, for others it’s shoe stores… maybe even Nordstrom’s…

Today I indulged my weakness for 2 things: office supply stores and hardware stores.

I had to go to STAPLES to pick up TurboTax.. Might as well do the work and get our refund early this year. (so I will be very grumpy for the next couple days). While there, I indulged my weakness for wandering around this type of store. Let’s admit it… it has fabulous things for making marks with… and papers, and organizer stuff… and oooo what do you do with THAT???

So, on top of the boring tax stuff… I picked up 500 clear plastic push pins. I usually hang my quilts around the house with these.. and clear is just so much nicer than the colored ones. I found the auto adapter set for my cheap cellphone (Hi, I’m Debra… I use Tracfone, because I don’t like phones) marked down to only $3!! Now, when my buds and I are all heading out to a show or something, I can keep my phone on and not worry about it running out of charge. And I finally picked up a clear deskmat. While this might keep the coffee/soymilk rings from marring the desktop, it looks like it will definately keep the 2 doorstops in place that elevate the back of my laptop, and help keep it cool.

Can you imagine that computer stores want $25 for basically the same thing as 2 rubber door stops??

After my office supply fix… I treated myself to a double.. a stop at OSH… a regional hardware store. There was a plan, there, too. Our grapevines just weren’t working… lots of leaves, no fruit. So last fall I cut them out. What to plant in their place? Fruit trees, ofcourse! So I picked up a grapefruit tree (for Steve… with my on statins, I can’t eat these) and Keffir lime tree. When the herbs come in, I will replace my Sweet basil that the groundhog ate… and I’m wondering if I can grow lemon grass here?? My own private Thai garden… sounds like heaven.

Anyway… trees in hand, I wandered. I picked up a few necessities.. though nothing of particular interest…

Two hours later, and I’m home and satisfied. I’ve gotten my fix; now I can get to work.

Hmmm… dig in the dirt or install the computer programs? Dirt. It’s 60 degrees outside with milky (thin fog) sunshine… that will be changing to rain over the weekend. So taxes can wait until Sunday. If you hear screaming in frustration from the west that day… it MIGHT NOT BE because of the Superbowl…


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