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Posted by debraroby on January 27, 2005



I did a STOOPID thing this morning, and I will be working to fix it for about 2 days. Just thought I’d let you know…

I have spent this week doing some intermediate quilting on NOISE, to stabilize it enough to cut out the center. Yesterday, I decided it was stable enough to do the work. So I did all the work to the center yesterday (including put a piece of organza over the now “empty” body… but I left the head empty. …

Anyway, while doing so some charcoal marks got on the top. (I know.. use soap slivers… but… Oh, never mind!!) Marks I didn’t like looking at. And I wasnt’ completely sure that they would go away. So this morning, fresh out of my warm, quilt-bedecked bed, I put the incomplete top in the washing machine on gentle. What can I say?? I hadn’t had my morning coffee yet.

The quilt that came out is not a pretty sight. (WHAT WAS I THINKING??) Some of the fused seams tore at the batting, the organza didn’t survive in tact. Some of the fused strips came undone. I can fix it, but it won’t be fun. And no… I might be able to speak this insanity, but I will not photograph it (or atleast I won’t publish that photo).

I’ll spend 2 days recovering this piece.



3 Responses to “110684211181708015”

  1. oh YIKES!

    No great wisdom here, just sympathetic noises. Wish I could be more help!

  2. Mrs. Mel said

    O Dear! I was so hoping to see the finished product at any moment!
    There are several wonderful life lessons in this disaster and ones that will give value to your artistic life and will outlast the wip.
    Next time…well, there really won’t be a next time, will there?

  3. Debra said


    Part of the problem… I am so thinking of the “next time” that I got ahead of myself on this time!

    Yep, there are lots of lessons to learn here. One I closely have to examine is my habit of “sabotaging my successes”. I need to figure out if this is another case of that…

    But at the moment, I’m just going to stick to “do not operate machinery before that first cup of coffee.”

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