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Posted by debraroby on January 31, 2005

Monday. I’ve done my good deed for the week. Didnt’ sleep well last night, and had to get up at 5 am., feed the dogs, shower and leave the house by 6. Took my friend Linda over to her chemo treatments. Sat with her all day (they didn’t kick me out of a comfy chair like the other “companions”.. but it didn’t start really filling up until we were about the leave.) Home at 3 pm. So much for the day.

Steve came home at lunch and let the dogs out, good man.. so they greeted me happily, not with all four legs crossed, and their tails tucked tightly under the bellies.

Gave the pups a walk, and I’m about to make something simple for supper. just throw meat on the grill and frozen veggies in the micro. Although I didn’t DO much today, I’m psychically tired.

My sewing room looks like the drawers of fabric vomited all over the floor… so I will spend some time this evening straightening up, and be able to get to work first thing tomorrow. NOISE isn’t as damaged as I thought it was… I should be able to recover tomorrow.

nothing inspiring or very worthwhile to write today. So I have one plea: if you have a blog and are signed up on a blog ring… PLEASE UPDATE REGULARLY… (and I actually mean every day or two…). And make sure that the programming for the blogring is on your site. I am gonna to browse some now.. and I have a strong feeling that most people haven’t written anything new since atleast a week ago. I’m gonna have to start reading those knitting blogs. Atleast those people are verbose.


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Posted by debraroby on January 30, 2005

Last night as we watched TV, Katy wouldn’t relax her left rear leg. She’s chew on the foot, extend the leg and pull it back, lift it off the ground. She was fidgety. A close examination showed a huge lump where her hip is.. (have I mentioned that Katy has hip displasia??).

So, being the good Canine Mom… I got some doggie steroids out of the kitchen, wrapped them in cheese (hmmm… cheese…), and fed them to her. Got an ice pack out of the freezer and sat on the floor, icing her hip. None of that helped any. But she fell asleep after a while, and I think her joint slipped back in where it belonged.

Anyway, she was up and walking fairly normal when I let her out for the last time Saturday night.

She’s better today, but I’m taking no chances. So Katy is in stir today, as the photo above shows. And she ain’t happy about it. I just let her out to piddle (a different meaning than the blog about piddling someone wrote the other day….)… and she immediately headed for the back of the pup-mobile. She’s hoping to join me on my walk today. But it ain’t happening.

Tomorrow I’ll probably be confident in taking her for a stroll along one of the creeks… good sniffs there. Today, she’ll have to be content with the familiar sniffs of home.

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Posted by debraroby on January 29, 2005

No work today, because I went to wedding. It didn’t help that I saw the beautiful morning, and made plans to go walking with my friend, Linda, and THEN Steve reminded me we had this wedding to go to. Change plans to walking with Linda tomorrow… make plans for my turn to drive her to chemo Monday… and change my comfy clothes to something presentable. I had 3 minutes to spare.

I was a little unsure about this wedding. It was a Catholic service, and I’d grown in the Catholic church, so that wasn’t it. I knew the service hadn’t changed that much in the decades since I stopped attending; I still knew when to stand up and when to sit down at parents’ funerals last year.

But this was a Filipino wedding. And the wedding invitation listed 38 people in the wedding party. THIRTY EIGHT. We had 2. Friends had joked that we might be get to the reception by dark… I didn’t know what to expect.

The service was quite nice actually.

It was standard mass with a relatively standard wedding service in the middle. There were a couple items I had never seen before… but they weren’t all that strange. Remember when I was younger and all my friends were getting married, they didn’t even do that silly “unity candle” stuff that everyone is doing now. It’s a gesture that may have one time held some meaning… now it’s usually just a good chance to call the fire department.

Anyway… on to the service.

After the couple exchanged thier vows (with no mention of obedience, but lots of references to having children… I don’t recall those from the past)… a couple came up and handed the groom a small bag of coins. The groom gave the money to his new wife (I LIKE THIS IDEA!!), as a pledge that he would provide for their family. She accepted the coins with a pledge to manage their money wisely.

Then another couple draped a veil over both of their heads, pinning it in place. This symbolized the shelter they would share. Another couple wrapped the two of them in a rope; showing that they were tied together forever.

After this, the service went on as usual. Oh, yeah… they did undrape and untie them.

Probably like most married people there, I thought back to my own wedding 20 some years ago. We were married by a JP in the foyer of the reception hall. Fast and quick. Good thing, as I laughed through the entire service. Then a quick receiving line, and IN FOR DINNER and dancing. Our cake (a German Chocolate cake with the real icing on it).. was topped with the candle of a pig holding a heart that read “pig of heart”… And NO, I’m not going to explain it. It was right at the time. Simple, small and to the point… we were married, we celebrated and then got on with life.

But that’s me.

I want to wrap this up with some pithy comparison between the two couples.. but nothing worthwhile is coming. Sorry. To get those great conclusions, you have to read real journalists (if we’re lucky). Enough to say that another family unit is started… I wish them well.

Now I need to go walk the dogs.

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Posted by debraroby on January 28, 2005

These are the almond striped socks I’ve been for the past couple weeks. Finished them Thursday night. Posted by Hello

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Posted by debraroby on January 28, 2005


I am recovering from yesterday’s precoffee error. I got the piece together enough to show a friend, who decided it wasn’t as bad as I thought. While talking to her, and chatting online to a couple others, I came to the point where I had to tell myself to remember the May Show.

As my bio says, I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. You may or may not know, but Cleveland Art Museum is a world-class institution (and still free!!) When I lived there, I would visit frequently. (I still can’t imagine that there are people who didn’t grow up seeing Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Mondrian every year as a regular part of their field trip season.)

Anyway, every year, the museum the holds an open show of new work, The May Show. Those displayed are often college art students, some people like me who work on their art at home.. most are not known in any faction of the professional art world. Techniques, styles and messages range all over the board.

When attending May Shows, there were often pieces where the creator tried to hit the viewer over the head (figuratively most of the time) with the message of the piece. I never liked these pieces. They would stop me from appreciating thier work, because they demanded that I pay attention NOT to the work, but to the message.

So when someone suggested screening images of cellphones, and tvs.. or writing conversations, or quilting the explanation in the border… I would say: that’s a possibility I will consider. But, inside, I find myself thinking back to those May Shows of the past. I think there is enough “contextual” meaning in the piece already, with an “on the surface” body and and empty head in the center of the piece. So I think I will restrain myself. I will adopt the philosophy of trusting the viewer to see what they need in the piece. I will remember the May Show.

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Posted by debraroby on January 27, 2005



I did a STOOPID thing this morning, and I will be working to fix it for about 2 days. Just thought I’d let you know…

I have spent this week doing some intermediate quilting on NOISE, to stabilize it enough to cut out the center. Yesterday, I decided it was stable enough to do the work. So I did all the work to the center yesterday (including put a piece of organza over the now “empty” body… but I left the head empty. …

Anyway, while doing so some charcoal marks got on the top. (I know.. use soap slivers… but… Oh, never mind!!) Marks I didn’t like looking at. And I wasnt’ completely sure that they would go away. So this morning, fresh out of my warm, quilt-bedecked bed, I put the incomplete top in the washing machine on gentle. What can I say?? I hadn’t had my morning coffee yet.

The quilt that came out is not a pretty sight. (WHAT WAS I THINKING??) Some of the fused seams tore at the batting, the organza didn’t survive in tact. Some of the fused strips came undone. I can fix it, but it won’t be fun. And no… I might be able to speak this insanity, but I will not photograph it (or atleast I won’t publish that photo).

I’ll spend 2 days recovering this piece.


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